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Kanga and the Kiwis Take on the Mongol Rally

What is life without adventure? It is the one thing that unites all travelers – the spirit of discovery, of new places and friends, new experiences, and hopefully some good stories to tell. We are thrilled to support Kanga and the Kiwis this year in their epic journey from London to Ulan Ude, Russia in […]

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The Best of the Azores

There has never been a better time to visit the “Hawaii of Europe.” The Azores remain just as unique and alluring as ever but getting there has become much more affordable: The 2015 deregulation of air travel increased competition and dramatically decreased airfares to the mid-Atlantic island chain. So book your trip, pack your bags […]

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Should YOU Vacation in Portugal?

Yes. Yes you should. The tremendous breadth of activities, sights, landscapes and experiences means Portugal truly has something for everyone. So if you fall into one of these ten categories of travelers, book your trip today!

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The Truth About the 25th of April

Travelers to Lisbon never miss the 25th of April Bridge. It hangs over the Tagus River and frames the photos of every tourist – and local – who catches a glimpse of its picturesque red arches.   But what many visitors miss is the true story behind the span – and its namesake date. Here’s […]

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Our Insider Picks for Lisbon

Ask a city of 500,000 people about Lisbon’s best “local” sights and you’ll surely get 500,000 different answers. But the vast number of unique and charming attractions are a big part of the Portuguese capital’s appeal. So after visiting the major sights such as the Sao George Castle, the Torre de Belem and the Jeronimos […]

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