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Portugal Zoom Backgrounds

Although your dreams of travel to Portugal may not be viable right now, you can still become the envy of your Zoom call with some incredible Portugal Zoom backgrounds. Whether you like the platform or not, it’s no secret that Zoom is gaining popularity as a teleconferencing service. As we all do our part to […]

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Portuguese Explorers: A Brief History of Portugal Part 4

Portuguese explorers were responsible for some of the most incredible voyages in European history. Portuguese sailors discovered and colonized large parts of the world, years before the rest of Europe embarked on its Age of Exploration.  Learn more about the Portuguese Empire, or check out our timeline of Portuguese history. When visiting Lisbon, you’ll likely […]

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Learn Portuguese: Basics to Get Started

When visiting any country, it’s helpful to understand a few key words in the native language. For your next trip to Portugal, we’ve put together some basics about how to learn Portuguese, and a few key phrases to get you started.  About Portuguese Portuguese is not Spanish! Though the two languages may look similar, this […]

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Lisbon Sightseeing Tours: How to See the City

Lisbon is a big city, with lots of ways to get around. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, you’ll need to figure out the best way to see this spectacular city. Find out what kind of Lisbon sightseeing tour is right for you! Want our advice on what to do in Lisbon? […]

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Fado Favorites: The Artists We Love

If you’ve been to Portugal, you’ve probably heard the soulful Fado music playing from cafes or restaurants. This traditional folk music is a staple of Portuguese culture. The lyrics often focus on longing (saudade), or on the working-class life. If you’re new to Fado, or if you just want to hear more, check out some […]

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