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Best Street Foods You Need to Try in Portugal

Introduction People often forget about food, when discussing their visit to another country. They talk about things such as the culture, the landmarks, and famous tourist attractions, but hardly ever mention the . That is a shame because often times the unique culture of a country is best shown in what they eat, what their […]

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Incredibly Beautiful Locations to Visit in London

Culture aficionados with a passion to visit a new city that has an illustrious heritage and history, will find London the ideal overseas destination. The capital of the UK, London is vibrant, exciting, and a perfect blend of the modern with the medieval! Even those who do not enjoy the hustle and bustle of a […]

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MyFriendsRoom is Bringing a Brand New Concept to Porto — City Discoveries!

We love Porto with it’s romantic steep cobbled streets lined with curiosity shops, bars and cafes, an enchanting Portuguese city where the aroma of Port wine mixes with seagulls and the sea. ‘Discoveries’ is a fresh new concept which we plan to bring to cities in Europe, beginning with beautiful Porto. Porto has the perfect […]

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My Journey Called Life in Portugal

Little Blond is the name I go by now, since I arrived for the first time in my life in Portugal. Well, that is not totally true, I visited the Lisbon region about twenty years ago. But as much as I like this gorgeous city, which has changed enormous since I was there before, last […]

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Things To Know Before Relocating To Portugal

Relocating anywhere is always an exciting experience, however where better than historically-mature, sunny Portugal? It’s hard to know what to expect before relocating to a completely new country, however there are ways to prepare yourself beforehand by making careful considerations. While most people understand that an EHIC renewal will allow you to receive free or […]

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