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Portuguese Culture: Food, Fado, and Festivals

From food to festivals, Portuguese culture is full of many intertwined elements that create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Art, religion, literature, and even soccer are all important aspects of life for the people of Portugal. Food: Portugal has a rich food culture. Across the country, you can find a wide variety of local cuisines. […]

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Our Picks: Top 10 Most Stunning Algarve Beaches

The gorgeous, sunny Algarve beaches (praias) are what draw many tourists to Portugal. But with the coastline stretching almost 100 miles, it can be impossible to choose just where to go on your next vacation. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the Algarve! Whether you prefer to […]

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Is Portugal Expensive? No way!

When planning any vacation, an important question is ‘how much will it cost?’ Luckily, Portugal is one of the least expensive countries in Western Europe to visit. Check out our cost breakdown to find out just how much you can expect to spend on your trip to Portugal. Book one of our great tours to […]

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Lisbon Highlights: Top 10 Unusual Things to Do

Lisbon is full of beauty and history. But it’s also full of tourists. If you want to check out some of the more offbeat Lisbon highlights and see where the locals hang out, you’ll want to check out our guide on 10 of the most exciting and unusual things to do in Lisbon. Fado Music […]

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Portugal’s Timeline: A Brief History of Portugal Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our Brief History of Portugal series! Kingdom of Portugal and the Age of Discovery 1139: Afonso Henriques founded the Kingdom of Portugal, with himself as its king. 1143: Afonso Henriques declared Portugal a vassal state of Pope Innocent II. As a result, Portugal received the church’s support in […]

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