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Lisbon Sailing


We long to disclose the best, the unique, the endearing that our country has to offer, and how to show you Portugal in a better and genuine way than through our sea?

We invite you to get closer to our natural element and enjoy the serenity of sailing on Portuguese waters, with the refinement of a careful selection of vessels. We offer many unique possibilities for the most distinguish occasions. A perfect experience if you're in the mood for a lively evening with friends and family, a romantic surprise-dinner on board or just to have the pleasure of bathing with exclusivity away from the crowded beaches.

We further underline special interest cruises as wine tasting with a 'sommelier' on-board, photography workshop with creative photographers, relaxing massages on board and gastronomic cruises served with catering from renowned Chefs.

To know in detail our proposals, contact us to elaborate a program that suits you or you can also view two sample programs available.