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How To Prepare Before Your Holiday To Portugal

How To Prepare Before Your Holiday To Portugal

by Damien Troy

There’s no denying the beauty that Portugal is renowned for, and if this is your first trip to the country, then you really are in for a treat! Like all holidays though, there are a few things that are worth getting beforehand in order to ensure your holiday to Portugal is memorable – for all the right reasons. From self-care to financial savings, we have all of the advice you need in order to prepare for your holiday to this tropical country, so sit back and relax while we give you the rundown of how to properly prepare before you jet off!

Getting The Perfect Beach Body

For many males and females, feeling confident on the beach is paramount, but sometimes this is difficult to do alone. As a result, in order to prepare for your holiday to Portugal, you should invest in treatments to help you get the perfect beach body such as a high-quality reduce by vanquish treatment. This particular treatment allows you to erase the fat on your body with a non-invasive, comfortable treatment. Stubborn fat can be near impossible to remove, so by undergoing a relaxing treatment such as reduce by vanquish, where no surgery is required, you can ensure that your body is toned with minimal downtime, allowing you to get ready for the sunny Portugal beaches.  

Discover The Discounts

We all know how expensive holidays can be, and while this is usually inevitable if you want to have a luxurious stay, there are still many ways that you can cut the costs while exploring Portugal. Before jetting off, you should consider using a Portuguese tourist card. Both Lisbon Card or Porto Card allow you to receive discounted or even free public transport while on  your holiday, allowing you to go on a range of exciting excursions for a fraction of the usual price! Furthermore, you can also obtain discounts for a range of other expenditures while in Portugal, allowing you to save money on holiday the second you step off the plane.

Educate Yourself On Basic Portuguese Language

We aren’t telling you to learn the entire language, but by learning some basics of the language, you are more likely to have a fuss-free experience.  Luckily, English is widely spoken throughout the country, so for the most part, you shouldn’t have much difficulty communicating with numerous locals. However, when exploring areas slightly outside of their native cities (and why wouldn’t you?), the English language will become less and less spoken. As a result, learning key phrases such as ‘bom dia’ (good morning), or ‘bom tarde’ (good afternoon), you can stay respectful and friendly to the Portuguese locals that you meet. Furthermore, ‘socorro’, meaning help, is essential to learn, just in case you find yourself in trouble while on holiday!

Staying Protected From The Sun

It would be rude not to get a gorgeous tan when in a country like Portugal, however it can become detrimental to your physical health if you absorb the rays too much. During the summer months, it can reach high temperatures of almost 30oC, so stocking up on high SPF sun blocks will give your skin that vital protection that it needs from the sun. Specifically, we would suggest avoiding direct exposure to the sun from 12pm to 3pm, as these are the hottest times of the day in Portugal, when the sun is at its strongest.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll undoubtedly have the best time ever on your Portuguese holiday! From building up your confidence with a body ready for the beach to saving as much money as possible while on your holiday using our handy tips and tricks, you can rest assured that you will be returning for more Portuguese relaxation later on in the year, if not the next!