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4 Breathtaking Places Not To Miss Visiting In Portugal

4 Breathtaking Places Not To Miss Visiting In Portugal

by Lowe Freya

It was back then during the Lisbon’s new renaissance, tourism in Portugal increased with leaps and bounds. People started visiting the country and exploring the picturesque landscapes and eye-catching places over there. And the scenario didn’t change at all till now because the popularity of the country is growing day by day as flocks of travelers are choosing this country as their holiday destination. Moreover, one of the most important reasons behind the landing up of more and more people in the country is the low-priced tickets, thanks to the lucrative deals on those. You can browse through Couponsmonk to find such thrilling deals on tickets and hotel-bookings from the top travel agencies in the US. Now, if you’re one among those people who want to go for a vacation to this extremely beautiful country then here are the four most awesome places that I would like to suggest you to visit.

1. Algarve

The famous Algarve of Portugal is a place which has been one of the most desired places to visit among the globetrotters from around the world. It has some really alluring landscapes and villages as well as beaches that attracted the travelers from all over the world always. The area’s capital Faro is still the same with some extremely charming neighborhoods.

2. Porto

It is the gateway of North. This is the city which gave the country a name and also the fortified wine named as Porto is after it’s name. The Cais da Ribeira riverfront is the center of attraction and the most picturesque part of the city. It has an amalgamation of old narrow streets which are enriched with historic facts and various alleyways with the oldest buildings in the country. Moreover, the old homes of granite and tile loom over the waterfront are the most awesome things that you can find in the city.

3. Evora

This old and historic city of Portugal is 2,000 years old and is a complete labyrinthine of various city squares and streets. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the foot of mountain ranges. Moreover, the unique features of the city are the reasons behind the fact of considering it as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city also has some historic buildings and landscapes which you will just love if you’ve an intense liking for history.

4. Vila Franca Do Campo, Azores

Azores is actually a group of nine islands which are scattered over several hundreds of miles which is roughly the midway between Boston and Portugal. This island is a popular place for yachting and diving along with horseback riding and cycling. Moreover, Vila Franca Do Campo is totally surrounded by pineapple and orange plantations which adds to the awesome scenic beauty which in-turn makes it an outstanding place to visit. Furthermore, you can also enjoy some best views when it’s about whale watching, northern bottlenose etc. So, what are you waiting for? Last but not the least, if you want to go out for a holiday soon the do consider Portugal and don’t forget to make sure that you’ve landed up into the aforementioned awestruck places in the country. Have a happy vacation!