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5 Efficient Ways to Pack Your Luggage and Travel Effortlessly

5 Efficient Ways to Pack Your Luggage and Travel Effortlessly

by Serge Martin

Packing properly for a trip only ever makes it more enjoyable, as doing so would guarantee that you would have one less worry for the entire duration of your trip. This is why it really pays off to take the time to learn efficient ways to do it correctly. All these methods take a bit of effort, coupled with a healthy dose of organization. What’s good is that as time goes by, these practices are bound to become habitual, and you’ll be able to execute them with relative ease every time.

1) Plan Each Day of Your Trip Ahead of Time

This really aids in giving you an inkling of how many clothes you need to pack and serves as one good way to prevent under-packing and over-packing. Nonetheless, it’s better to under-pack since you can always just buy extra clothing if you need them later. This practice would also save you from excess baggage expenses and leave more room for souvenirs. Consider the weather of your destination as well, and know whether you’ll have to pack bulky apparels like jackets to keep warm.

2) Keep a Good Balance between Rolling and Folding

Clothes make up majority of what you cram into your luggage. The debate on whether one should fold or roll them is still ongoing, but most experts suggest that you should simply do both. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Folding, for instance, makes sure that your clothes would be wrinkle-free after packing them, but it does cause them to take up more space. Folded clothes are easier to transfer from luggage to drawer and are also not that hard to unpack.

Rolling, on the other hand, is the exact opposite as it really is able to optimize your luggage’s storage capacity but your clothes are bound to end up wrinkled. If you’re picking out your clothes straight from your luggage, it could also be hard to promptly get to the ones you want if they’re rolled. That being said, your preference really comes into play, but you should still be mindful of clothes that are prone to wrinkling. What’s certain is that both are good ways to pack for any kind of travel.

Pack Effeciently

3) Layering is a Smart Way to Travel

Arranging your clothes into layers not only provides that much-needed organization, but it also ensures that you’ll be able to go through baggage check-ups easier. There should be noticeable partitions of all your things – from shirts and pants to unmentionables and shoes. Use folded shirts to separate your belongings and highlight various sections of your luggage to maximize space.

4) Consider Using Compression Packs

These specialized, space-saving bags were invented for a reason: to get the most out of your luggage. They can do a fine job of ridding your bag of excess air, which only ever takes up space as well Space saver bags are particularly effective if you’re also packing bulky objects (e.g. blankets, coats, and jackets) in your luggage. These large items, as much as possible, should be packed at the bottom. These bags could also prove to be useful on the return trip, as you won’t have to look for extra bags to store your used clothes in. You can just roll them inside the said bags, and save more space for souvenirs.

5) Give Packing Aids a Try as Well

Many travelers have expressed their satisfaction for packing cubes. They don’t necessarily have space-saving benefits, but they could prove to be indispensable if you value organized packing. These cubes practically erase some of the downsides of bundling, folding, and rolling, especially the ones concerning keeping your things systematized and preventing wrinkling in clothes. Packing aids are specifically designed to address said issues.



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