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Where To Go For A Cheap Holiday In Portugal

Where To Go For A Cheap Holiday In Portugal

by Damien Troy

Unfortunately for some of us, cheaper holidays are a must. There isn’t always the option to pick the first all-inclusive holiday that appears in our search, and it can sometimes take a little DIY to bring the price down to something that our bank accounts can comfortably stretch to. To help you out, we’ve pulled together some of the best places to go in Portugal for a cheaper holiday, meaning all you have to worry about is finding your passport, your e111 card, and your favourite swimsuit.


Named the cheapest destination for UK tourists for 2017, the Algarve might be one of the best destinations for the currency conscious among us. General costs in the Algarve are much cheaper than they are here in the UK, with the average price for a three-course meal for two with a bottle of wine to share coming in at about £18.20, which is around half of the average price of similar European tourist spots. It’s constant sun and beautiful golden beaches make for a perfect holiday spot, and with the low prices to boot, it really does make the perfect destination for your holiday. After all, saving money doesn’t mean you have to give up the finer things.


When it comes to taking a holiday in Lisbon, your biggest cost will probably be the flights, and with enough preparation and booking in advance, even those can be cheaper than you’d think. With plenty of free sights to see and beaches near the city, there’s a bit of everything to keep everyone content during your holiday. Like any city, there are more expensive and less highly-priced accommodation, and if you book your holiday for a low-season period – usually outside of June-August – you’re more likely to find the normal local prices as opposed to the inflated tourist prices available during the busy summer months.


The second-largest city in all of Portugal, Porto is a must-visit for anyone wanting to enjoy the sunshine and dip their toes into a more cultural, historical trip too. With the 14th century Church of São Francisco and more, Porto has worked as a strategic settlement since the Roman Empire, and so the entire city is rich with all kinds of history. While a city break might sound expensive, there are plenty of ways to make it far more affordable for your wallet. Staying in one of the 80+ hostels dotted about the city can be just as luxurious, if not more so, as staying in a hotel and can add a whole new feel to your holiday. Exploring the lesser known and non-touristic areas of the city can take you to more affordable and authentic restaurants, and you can bask in the knowledge that Portugal as a whole is cheaper than any other European destination, including the UK.

Last Minute Bookings

If all else fails, look into booking your break last minute. Plenty of hotels will offer their rooms at lower prices if you book last minute. After all, if they don’t sell the room, they can’t make the money back for a missed night at a later date. Sites such as will often do specific deals for all-inclusive holidays, or deals on your flights and hotel as a joint package. Shop around, be flexible, and you’ll be surprised how far your money can stretch.