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Incredibly Beautiful Locations to Visit in London

Incredibly Beautiful Locations to Visit in London

by Rebecca Appleton

Culture aficionados with a passion to visit a new city that has an illustrious heritage and history, will find London the ideal overseas destination.

The capital of the UK, London is vibrant, exciting, and a perfect blend of the modern with the medieval! Even those who do not enjoy the hustle and bustle of a metropolis will find London offers plenty of serene oases, away from the rush and noise in various locations across the city. 

For first time visitors, the perfect location to stay in town would be any of the Central London Hotels. This would allow them convenient access to best tourist locations in the heart of the city.

Staying at any of the Montcalm Hotels, London would be ideal in terms of locations, prices and amenities.

Some of the most stunning locations not-to-miss on a trip to London are:

Notting Hill & Portobello Road

Notting Hill & Portobello Road

Notting Hill with is colourful facades and homes is vibrant and exciting to visit. On the weekend the market in stretch along Portobello Road transform into the biggest vintage and antiques street market in the country. From retro clothing to vintage cameras, there are plenty of fascinating treasures to find, which are not to be had anywhere else. There is a terrific food market as well for visitors to grab a bite!

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market

Take a tour of Leadenhall Market and you will feel as if you have time travelled into the past, into the glamorous Victorian era. The market has been around from the 14th century, and is among the oldest markets in the country. It’s beautiful skylight dome is more recent and added in the 19th century. Leadenhall Market is the ideal location to get some fantastic Instagram photos of one of the most historic markets in London. The best time to visit is on weekends when the place is less crowded. The market is also featured in one of the Harry Potter movies as the infamous ‘Diagon Alley’!

St. Dunstan in the East

St Dunstan in the East

Of the many iconic architectural masterpieces of Christopher Wren (among his many creations that dot the city), St Paul’s Cathedral is probably the finest. While every first time tourist heads to St Paul’s, most do not have an inkling about the remains of another of Wren’s architectural wonders. St Dunstan-in-the East bore the brunt of the Luftwaffe, during the Blitz of London. After the war, the authorities decided to convert it into a green spot in the centre of London. St Dunstan today is a quiet getaway from the crowds of central London that not many are aware about!

Peggy Porschen Parlour

Located in trendy Belgravia, Peggy Porschen clad in a beautiful pink pastel shade is one of the most attractive cafes in the city. While the decor is stunning the menu is pricey too. On a bright sunny day, visit their fabulous cake emporium to take your pick from a wide range of incredibly delicious cakes and grab a table outdoors. Cute, cosy and chic are four letter words synonymous with Peggy Porschen!

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

One of the best places to shop in London, Covent Garden lies near the Theatre District, to the South of Oxford Street. The location is popular for the wonderful variety of cafes, restaurants and shopping options. The ideal time to head to Covent Garden is in the morning, when the place has lesser people. While there are many Instagrammable spots in Covent Garden, the finest is probably the Apple Market, a covered area designed by famous architect Inigo Jones.

The Thames Foreshore

While at first glimpse the shore of the Thames with its spread of debris does not really conjure up a glamorous image, the history associated with the river makes it worth a visit. On both sides of the Thames Shore are a cache of Palaeolithic tools and artefacts from many millennia. Almost on a daily basis, loads of items wash up on the beaches, with mud-larking (scouting for objects in the mud) popular with locals.  

The Sky Garden

A great spot up in the sky that is free to visit, the Sky Garden is among the most attractive locations in the city. For those who are not too keen to fork out a tidy sum to travel to the top of the Shard, Sky Garden is the perfect alternative. Once at the top there are several trendy bars  and restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner or have a great evening with mates. Although, getting to the top of the Sky Garden is free, tickets require advance booking. Check their website for further details.

Daunt Books

Daunt Books is an institution by itself and located in the centre of Marylebone. An authority on travel books of all kinds they have been in business for quite some time. The store’ location is in an impressive Edwardian building, which originally was a book store a century ago.  An apt location, for a book store that is a favourite with locals and visitors! The store retains its original fitting ranging from oak panelling to skylights.

The Mews

The Mews

Located in Kensington, New Town, The Mews are best to visit in the period between spring and summer, when the mews get a covering of wisteria trailing down the buildings. There are lesser people around and it is picture perfect. The mews were the location for stables for horses, when London depended on horses as the primary mode of transport.

Now the buildings serve as housing units with some of them among the most exclusive postal codes in the city. The ideal time for photography enthusiasts is the morning – when there are fewer visitors and the light conditions are perfect. Whatever time you plan your visit, the place’s beauty is impressive. Besides Kynance Mews, other mews in London worth a visit are St Luke’s Mews, Cornwall Mews South and Bathurst Mews.

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