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How To Get By As An International Student

How To Get By As An International Student

by Damien Troy

As exciting as moving to a new country you can call home is, becoming an international student can also be a little daunting. Before you even begin your assignment writing, it is paramount that you take time to research your accommodation options, get clued up on the culture of the country you are moving to and build support networks before you fly away from the safety of your nest. Here’s how else to successfully get by as an international student, stress-free!

Ask Questions

In order to get by as a student, not just an international student, you must be willing to ask plenty of questions throughout your studies. There are several reasons why asking questions is paramount for your academic success. Not only does asking questions enhance your knowledge, but asking good questions can significantly boost your self-confidence. Before you become an international student, you should ask questions regarding how the course is taught, what you would be specifically studying and find out more about what the local area is like, including the main attractions close by.  

Plan Ahead

In order to get by as an international student, it is paramount that you plan ahead for your student life abroad. To prepare for studying abroad, we strongly suggest that you research your campus and take time to understand the visa process, if there is one, for a safe and memorable experience.   Similarly, when it comes to study and revision, you can get easily distracted. A great way to keep on track is to schedule a sensible amount of time to complete study and revision each day. Whether you decide to study at weekends is entirely your decision, but the more you complete during week-days, the less time you will have to spend catching up on odd pieces of work you left to do last minute.

Budget For Student Life

In order to successfully get by as an international student, you must budget for the student life you want to live. There are several things students must remember to budget for, including course materials, such as text books, transport and food. To save money on essential supplies, we suggest trying to find cheaper deals elsewhere and considering what resources and materials you actually need and writing a weekly grocery list to ensure you avoid making impulse purchases. Amongst this, in order to get by as an international student, international students must consider how much they will spend on entertainment, such as student nights, sport, gigs and during freshers’ week. It all adds up!

The International Student Orientation Programme

Many universities offer international student orientation programmes, where you can meet likeminded students from countries across the globe. However, if your chosen university doesn’t offer an international student orientation programme or you are unable to attend because you are too busy unpacking your suitcase, join a Facebook group. Facebook groups are a fantastic way to connect with people on campus, and you can stay up-to-date with the latest activities from your mobile device.

Becoming an international student can be a daunting experience, but you can certainly ease the pressure by taking our top tips into consideration. From attending the international student orientation programme hosted by your university, to designing a budget suitable for your specific needs and planning ahead, there are countless things you can do to make moving abroad stress-free and a lot more enjoyable.