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Plan On Visiting Portugal? Check These Details Before!

Plan On Visiting Portugal? Check These Details Before!

by Louise Campos

If you want to book a trip to Portugal, then you have to do some research to find out if you need a visa to spend time in this country. The type of visa you will need depends on the purpose of your travel. The occasion is the one that will decide the type of visa you will get. It does not matter if you want to study in Portugal, you want to visit the country or you want to move here, you should know from the beginning that you have to apply for the Portuguese Schengen Visa. Now you have the possibility to apply for this type of visa, because Portugal is an EU country, member of the Schengen Area.

Who needs a Portuguese visa?

Before you apply for a Portugal visa you should make sure that you are part of the category of people who need to get a visa to travel to this country. The purpose of your stay and your nationality are the ones that will decide if you need one or not. The Portuguese immigration policy states that the citizens from Switzerland and EU can travel here only by using their identity card. However, if you are living in another foreign country, then you will need a passport and a Portuguese visa to visit the country. In addition, you will have to make sure that the passport is valid for the following six months. Also, you should not be surprised to find out that the Portuguese immigration checks if you have enough money for the period of your trip and a return ticket.

What are the requirements for the visa?

The period of your stay and the purpose of the travel will decide the requirements for getting the visa. In case your nationality needs a long-term or entry residence permit, then you will have to make sure that you apply for the right Portuguese visa.

  • Schengen short-stay visa

If you want to visit Portugal as a tourist, or you do not plan to stay here for more than three months, then you should apply for Portuguese Schengen visa. This visa will offer you the possibility to stay anywhere in the Schengen area, including Portugal for 90 days. You can choose from different types of Portuguese Schengen visa: airport transit visa, transit and short-term stay visa, limited territorial validity.

  • Temporary stay visa

If you want to have a stay for four months in Portugal, or multiple entries, then you should choose the option of long-stay Portuguese visa. There are several situations when you can get this type of visa, so you should make sure to check them before you apply for one.

  • Portuguese residence visa

If you want to work, study, see your family, enroll to an education mobility program, or you take part to a scientific research program in Portugal for a period of four months you can apply for a Portuguese residence visa. You can obtain the residence visa under the form of a Schengen long-stay visa that will offer you the possibility to stay here for a set time. You will also need a residence permit if you apply for this type of visa.

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