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Portugal by Lukas

Portugal by Lukas

by Lukas Miller

Editors Note: Recently Lukas Miller from Germany went on holiday to Portugal with his girlfriend. Lukas shared his trip with us and it sounds amazing and the video and pictures are incredible. We hope to see more of Lukas in Portugal soon.

I went to Portugal with my girlfriend for eleven days. First we stayed in Praia de Macas. The Beach and little town were nice. With our car we drove a short way to Praia de Ursa and this was amazing. We were there two times, one time with high tide and one with ebb tide. The beach and rocks are so great! We stayed there till sunset and took lots of photos and videos.

Next we went to our house in Sintra. The nature and gardens around Sintra are really nice. Also Convent of the Capuchos, Regaleira and our Favorite: Castelo dos Mouros. We had such a nice view from this old castle. Sadly it closed 15 minutes before the final sunset, but the time before was so great. Also there are less people before it’s closing and you have the best view at this time. Our host gave us the Queijadas de Sintra. Wow they smelled so good. For us these were better than the Pasteis de Belem (still very good).

We finished our trip with a nice three days in Lisboa. Our favorite place there was LX Factory. Nice place to drink and to eat. Also the view from Christo Rei is incredible.

So we had a really wonderful time in Portugal and will come again!


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