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Fatima, Spain Lourdes and Rome Faith Tour

Fatima, Spain Lourdes and Rome Faith Tour

Rafael on May 2017

Hi Eunice,

Thank you so much!! The trip was amazing!! Your country is beautiful. It felt like I belonged there. The other countries were beautiful as well, but Portugal and Spain just beautiful. I’m planning on going back again. Sooner than later J

The Tour was great. I would break up the tour into part 1 (Lisbon to Lourdes) and part 2 (Rome).  

For part 1, our tour guide, Quico, was the best. He and the entire group all connected together were it felt like a family. Father Stan was amazing as well. All the hotels were top class. The spiritual part of the tour has enriched my life tremendously and deepened my belief which has brought me closer. I’ve never felt anything like that before. It’s hard to explain. The tour was really religious and touching like it reached into your soul. As with any tour, I understand there is a schedule they have to follow, but you always wish for more time to spend there. There is never enough time to see, shop and dwell in the holy site. We met a lot of great people, we bonded and we are still in touch. We are hoping to meet with them again very soon.

For part 2, this was a different story. I guess because we really only had 2 full days, we really didn’t quite connect with the group or guide. Even though we went to the Vatican, I didn’t quite feel the religious connection that I did during the first part. It felt more like a tourist trip than a religious trip, maybe because Rome was so busy. Maybe the Father himself didn’t quite connect, he seemed to be more of a tourist as well. I don’t know, but Rome did not spiritually enlightened me. I still really liked Rome for all the sites and history, but it just wasn’t the same.

I would recommend 206 Tours to others. I do not have pictures here with me, but I can share them later.

Eunice, thank you again for all your help. Thank you for being there when I had questions. We will definitely stay in contact. Azores may be next on the list.

Have a great long weekend my friend.