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Privately Escorted Fado Night


Of course you have already heard about Fado. It's the national song style of Portugal. Fado means fate and it's always sung with emotion (when it's performed by a good singer, which sometimes it's hard to find). There are of course very good and well-known Portuguese Singers that sing in great events all over the world. But usually you'll not find them at Fado Restaurants. However a word o advice is necessary here if you venture by yourself. Some Fado restaurants will take you to the cleaners with excessive charges for sub-standard food. Make sure to check the prices before entering and be careful with the restaurant you choose to hear Fado.

The Portuguese usually say that it's hard to find a restaurant that has simultaneously these 4 important factors: Good Fado Singers, Good Ambiance, Good Food and Good Service! Believe us: it's really hard! Mainly because of tourism demand, it's difficult to have quality and quantity side-by-side. But, as you may have guessed, we always look for a personalized and quality driven experience for you.

So, We've found an excellent (we dare to say the best) Fado Restaurant in Lisbon Casa de Linhares and we'll be glad to escort you to a dinner with good food and an excellent Fado show. 


Duration: Evening

Price includes dinner and show.
Museu do Fado by Arseniy Krasnevsky
Guitarra Portuguesa - Portuguese Guitar
Fado mural in Lisbon by Arseniy Krasnevsky