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Aveiro and Coimbra Full-day Tour


During this full-day Private Tour you will visit Aveiro known as the Portuguese Venice, after the canals generated by the Vouga River estuary. Here you'll enjoy a beautiful panoramic of its historical center, where 19th and 20th century Art Noveau palaces show the wealth that the salt trade generated in the town. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to peek into one of Aveiro's pastry shops and taste the famous Ovos Moles (traditional sweet) that you really cannot miss, unless you don't like eggs of course. After the informal atmosphere of Aveiro, you'll be visiting one of the most charming palaces of Portugal, built during the 19th century, an expression of Romanticism, joining many artistic influences - Buçaco Palace. After a visit to the Palace and it's unique woods you will be just a short distance away from the University city of Coimbra.

Coimbra is a truly charming city, being not only one of the most ancient cities university towns in the world, but also one of the most harmonious sets of buildings in Portugal. Leaving Porto in the morning, you will reach Coimbra and its University. Founded in 1290 by King Dinis, it now displays a tremendous amount of history and knowledge that has been accumulated within its walls. A must see is the University's library with an incredible collection of over 200,000 books stored in incredible carved and gilded bookshelves. The chapel of Saint Michael next door is also worth the visit, as well as a nice walk within the old medieval streets of Coimbra's ancient historical center, and Santa Clara Monastery.

mondego river - Coimbra - Portugal
Coimbra's street - Coimbra Portugal
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