Portugal has been consistently ranked as one of the best and most affordable destinations in Europe. Travel to Portugal and experience a marvelous weather, unique culture, beautiful scenery and wonderful people. Portugal.com, the official .com site of Portugal, will take you to places you have never thought possible to exist in western Europe. Book your trip to Portugal confidently with us.

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Azores Islands

9 beautiful islands located between between Europe and North America


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Rossio square at night - Lisbon


Escorted group tours combine popular itineraries, sightseeing, quality hotels and more while led by experienced guides

Portugal Travel via Portugal.com has been a preferred way for visitors to Portugal, Azores, Madeira and Spain. Portugal.com's travel professionals country knowledge and travel experience goes beyond the Internet and spans over forty years of delighting our customers. Visit Portugal with the best - Portugal.com.

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Fatima Faith Tours

Visit Fatima when in Portugal or join a tour of Fatima, Spain, Lourdes and even Rome

Portugal and Spain Packages

Join a group tour of Portugal or Portugal and Spain. Add Morocco for more enjoyment.
tn_ruigsantos - Fronteira Palace, built in 1640

Lisbon, Towns and Villages

A Self-Drive Itinerary planned and organized to optimize your time and money