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The Truth About the 25th of April

Add to Wish List Travelers to Lisbon never miss the 25th of April Bridge. It hangs over the Tagus River and frames the photos of every tourist – and local – who catches a glimpse of its picturesque red arches.   But what many visitors miss is the true story behind the span – and […]

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Our Insider Picks for Lisbon

Add to Wish List Ask a city of 500,000 people about Lisbon’s best “local” sights and you’ll surely get 500,000 different answers. But the vast number of unique and charming attractions are a big part of the Portuguese capital’s appeal. So after visiting the major sights such as the Sao George Castle, the Torre de […]

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4 Ideas for Your Week in Portugal

Add to Wish ListHere’s the problem with Portugal: There’s just too much to do! Portugal has so many compelling attractions that it can be difficult to decide how to spend your time – especially if you only have one week. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. After arranging hundreds of vacations to Portugal, […]

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5 Can’t-Miss Foods to Eat in Portugal

Add to Wish ListThe world is waking up to Portugal’s farm-to-table tradition and rich culinary history. Although there are many, many types of dishes worth trying, we’ve compiled a list of five can’t-miss foods for any trip. 1. Black Pork The Portuguese love their pork, and no pork is more highly regarded than porco preto, […]

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Festa, Festa, Festa!

Add to Wish ListThere’s a Party for Every Taste in Portugal High culture or low, or something in between, there’s something for everyone all year long in Portugal. Pagan rites, Holy Week happenings, foodie fests, big rock shows and more—the Portuguese love their parties, many of which you’ll find nowhere else in the world. Beyond […]

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