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The Beiras – Central Portugal

The Beiras regions (Beira Alta and Beria Baicha) of Portugal lie between the Douro river in the North, and the Tagus river in the South, and stretches as far as Spain to the East and to the Atlantic Ocean in the West. On its western coast, sandy beaches meet the Atlantic pine forests. Moving further […]

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Fado – The Seoul of Portuguese Music

Fado music is a form of Portuguese singing that is often associated with pubs , cafés and restaurants. This music genre has much earlier origins but is generally placed as being originated in the 1820’s in Portugal. Fado is generally known for how expressive in nature it is, as well as being profoundly melancholic. Generally in fado […]

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The Alentejo – The Most Recent Wine Region of Portugal

The Alentejo is a region of great cultural diversity. Located southeast of Lisbon and North of Algarve, this region is dotted with medieval castles and the remnants of Roman and Arab architecture. The climate of the region varies a good deal, but is mostly warm and dry: it can get as cold as 5°C (41°F) […]

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Piodao – Portuguese Historic Village

Piodao (Piodão) is located smack in the middle of Portugal a few kilometers from the Serra da Estrela natural park. It is as easy to miss it as it is difficult to access it. While the roads to Piodao are in shape, they are not part of the most used roadways to access the famous Serra […]

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Algarve – Sunny Side Up

Algarve is a region in Portugal stretching across the southern coast of Portugal. As you travel in Algarve you’ll notice two distinct scenarios. In the northern area of the region there are myriad orchards and verdant foliage which create a lively and beautiful landscape. Along the southern coast of Algarve golden beaches are separated by […]

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